24 Mar 2012

Sims I Decided to not upload

I don't know why I decided to not upload these Sims? Maybe I felt I didn't spend enough time on them to make them unique. But oh well, thought I might share them anyway to you guys. EDIT: So from now on I am going to use this post to put up all my Sims that end up not getting uploaded. Newest ones will be up the top.

A little not that if the Sim has a '*' beside them, means that they are no longer in my Saved Sims.



23 Mar 2012

First Couple Household

So I realize I haven't been uploading to the exchange in a while and I'm sort of getting bored with the same old usual girl Sims. So I thought I might try something different. Meet Tate and Isadora, my cute couple! You can find them on the exchange if you wish to download them. The link is at the bottom of the post.

18 Mar 2012

2000's Rec's

Thank you to all who have ever downloaded and/or recommended my creations! 2000 rec's feels awesome.

I Hate Being Stressed

So I just finished my 1000 word essay! Yay right? Not quite.
My school work is never done. I am constantly overloaded with homework and assignments that its taking a toll on my stress levels. I am a very worried person (or you could call it Neurotic - haha see what I did there!) and I tend to stress out on the littlest of things. Today though MartyP8 did gift me a wonder dress which cheered me up. There are, some really nice people out there, so thank you to you all!
Well enough chit-chat, I better get back to the rest of my work. I will probably be up till mid-night finishing it all. But we will end on a good note with this cute seal. Aww!

17 Mar 2012


Good evening to you all!
So I haven't been sharing my sim creations on her in a while. My life has been so stressful at the moment! I have had no time for Sims at all as school must come first. Being a senior really does involve a lot more work! So anyway, I have finally uploaded my Sim-self. Yes, I do have long blonde wavy hair, and blue eyes. This was the best hair that was closest to mine except, I have a side fringe. My old avatar on the Sims 3 website was supposed to be a sim-self but was a bit of a fail. 

3 Mar 2012


This Sim I have not put up on the exchange because it wouldn't let me upload. I think it's the hair or everyday outfit but anyway, I'm very proud of this Sim. I spent a lot of time on perfecting the eyes; I hope you guys like her.   Edit: Alice finally decided to upload yay! But the everyday outfit didn't want to. I don't know if hasel created it but I must give credit because her creations are absolutely stunning.

2 Mar 2012

Chasity M

Here is my latest Sim creation, Chasity.


1 Mar 2012

Claudia P

Here is my latest Sim Claudia. I haven't uploaded in a while, I guess I've just been busy. Her name is Claudia.