15 Mar 2013

I'm Still Here!

Yes I'm still alive! 
I've just been so busy with Uni life; family and friends.
Oh golly I think I'm not going to be on Sims a lot this year... University is just sooo much work! It seems unrealistic. Haha I find it funny how Sims 3 University was released when I started Uni. (Coincidence much?)
Today is Friday and I thought I needed a break from it all and create a new Sim.
 Man! did I have some major problems just creating her! Firstly, my game wouldn't let me in CAS. So after 3 failed attempts, I couldn't be bothered and loaded a household, used a cheat to edit an existing Sim, and edited them. Ugh.. Now my launcher won't let me log in so I can't even upload her to the Exchange! Dammit. So for now, she will just have to wait in my launcher until I can be bothered to share.

I did have fun though creating the images for her though. 'Thought I'd try something different. :)

... Haha now I can't even get into the site.. What's next?

 Candy lips above created by Mwa.