29 Feb 2012

Stolen Sim

So today I found my first stolen Sim. I've never had this done to me before, but now I know how those creators feel when their work gets stolen. You spend a lot of time on making your Sim perfect and then someone goes and claims it as their own. It's very disappointing and it makes me feel unhappy. But there is not much I can do but to just let it get downloaded.

27 Feb 2012

New My Page Layout

I knew it was coming. I knew that EA was planning on changing the layout of our 'My Page', to let's call it, 'Facebook Style'. When I first saw it as I logged on to my page, I silently murmured a little Noooo! I just can't say I'm a fan of it! The old page layout I really liked, but this one? Well I know with 500 friends that I am going to get a few posts here and there. And now that everyone knows about it, people will be deleting each other as friends. I don't want that to happen! I know that this seems like a really negative blog but I have to get it off my chest. Hopefully someone will read this and feel the same as me.. 

24 Feb 2012

My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog dedicated to all things Sims!
I have always wanted to start a blog, but never really had the time to dedicate myself to it. So I've finally decided I might as well and I hope it isn't too much of a disaster. Anyway, I have already made a bunch of Sims and a few houses that are in my Studio if you wish to check them out. Any new Sims will be shared on this site from now on, but will also be on the Sims 3 website as well of course!