20 Dec 2012

Christmas & New Sim!

Golly gosh it has been a while, almost an entire month!

No school has left me very unmotivated to create Sims at the moment but I did manage to snag one in there today. Here name is Carina W and she was inspired by this gorgeous model I was looking at in a magazine. She had this very prominent, sharp chin as you can tell! My creations always turn out more unique if I have inspiration... Anyway she may be the last Sim of the year for me depending on how busy the Christmas holidays are for me! Which reminds me, who is excited for Xmas? I certainly am, a little more than I usually am. I'm off to see my Grandparents for the day to spend at the lake!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!


  1. Oh she's so pretty♥ I wish you also a wonderful christmas♥

  2. Wow she is gorgeous and so realistic!
    Great work and thanks for sharing!♥

    1. Thanks a bunch.
      Looking forward to seeing you simmies and builds yet to come ;)

    2. Haha i know it's been donkey years! But it does make me a bit more motivated to get making again that your waiting eagerly! hehe, thanks kasnii! ♥