22 Dec 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a magical Christmas and a happy new year! This year has gone too fast and it's been really busy for me. With college and all, I haven't had the spare time to blog or create hence why I haven't posted anything in ages. But I created Maddie today, a young adult Sim for your games if you wish to download!

 Maddie C

 Custom content:

Enjoy! xx

1 Jun 2013

Kathrin T

New Sim alert! 
Kathrin T
Download under Sims Collection tab

25 May 2013

Back in Business

First upload in 4 months! Halleluja!

My workload at uni had suddenly dropped and now.. I feel like I have so much free time. So what better way to spend a Saturday night in than create a Simmie to share :)
I scratched my last creation, Eve, as she didn't want to upload and instead, designed Penalobe

Hope you like xx
*Download under 'Sims Collection' page*