25 May 2013

Back in Business

First upload in 4 months! Halleluja!

My workload at uni had suddenly dropped and now.. I feel like I have so much free time. So what better way to spend a Saturday night in than create a Simmie to share :)
I scratched my last creation, Eve, as she didn't want to upload and instead, designed Penalobe

Hope you like xx
*Download under 'Sims Collection' page*

10 May 2013

Just a Random Post

So I started my game back up today. Not to create a Sim for my blog, but to play in live mode. I must admit, I'm drifting away from this game. Being distant from The Sims for a few months, I haven't really wanted to play. My last upload was at the end of January, and that was my, at the time, current family (of which, are still in my game!).


Hopefully, when my game decides it wants to log me in via the launcher, I will be able to upload my Sims. That's the thing I miss the most; uploading Sims to the exchange to share with you all.