10 May 2013

Just a Random Post

So I started my game back up today. Not to create a Sim for my blog, but to play in live mode. I must admit, I'm drifting away from this game. Being distant from The Sims for a few months, I haven't really wanted to play. My last upload was at the end of January, and that was my, at the time, current family (of which, are still in my game!).


Hopefully, when my game decides it wants to log me in via the launcher, I will be able to upload my Sims. That's the thing I miss the most; uploading Sims to the exchange to share with you all.

Right now, I'm updating my game to the latest (I didn't even notice it!) patch and I'm hoping it will fix my game up a little. You can never be too sure of how they effect your game though.

On a side note, I'm sure you're all well aware of The Sims 4 soon to come! I'm really excited to see what this new game has to offer! It seems like it was only yesterday that I bought The Sims 3 for Christmas, and now there's The Sims 4! I'm curious to know what sort of new aspects will be introduced to this game. I've read that there will be new ways to build in build mode, or some sort of new additions to building. I'm also glad that it's for Mac because everyone knows, I love my Mac's! 


  1. Hi Kasnii :)
    I feel the same way about Sims 3. Sometimes I wanna play every day and I'm so creative and motivated to create something new and then there's always a time when I don't wanna play Sims for quite a long time and don't really miss it. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
    But I hope your launcher will work soon, 'cause I really miss your Simmies. Your pretty Claire is my sis-in-law in my current game. :) I just love her.
    I wish you a nice weekend and I hope to read from you soon!
    Hugs, Katty ♥

    1. Aww, thank you!
      That's awesome that Claire is in your game!
      I did rekindle with the game for a bit today :) Must admit, I have missed it :) And yes, I really hope my launcher works soon. I think I've tried everything, but it just keeps saying I'm not online after I put in my dets. But ah well, I was thinking of uploading my Sims via an outside sharing website instead.
      Kasnii xo