21 Jun 2012


Good evening to my lovely readers, I have a new Sim out for you all. 

Usually, when I feel that need to create a Simmie, I already have a fair idea of what kind of Sim to create. I would basically give them a personality and then imagine how they would portray themselves. But today, I opened up CAS to be greeted by a pre-made Sim that I thought, 'hey, lets leave some of these features and see what I can come up with'. And out popped Decha (not to sound like giving birth..)

So anyway... here she is. xo

... Oh and by the way, thank you for 10,000 d/l on Kellie B! *wipes tear* I'm so proud. ;)

18 Jun 2012

So Close!

My most downloaded Sim from today is at 9999 downloads. Just 1 more till the big 10,000.

14 Jun 2012


So this will be the last Simmie to be uploaded in a while. Time for my random break period I think.

Meet April,

As you probably notice, all but one of her outfits contain some sort of vibrant flower pattern. Personally myself, have an obsession of flowered down clothing and the occasional pastel colour. Look in my personal wardrobe and then you'll understand.
Anyway, here are the pictures. :)

Flower power represent! 

12 Jun 2012


I am on a roll with these Simmies. 3 days in a row now I think.

So here is my first Asian upload. Her name is Ayako. It is a Japanese name that means beautiful silk girl. I thought it went well with how pale she is.

Well I'm off to do some homework, hope you guys have an awesome day!



Life is pretty good right now for me. School is pretty chilled back and I am enjoying my days. So I thought I would create a new Simmie.

Meet Hope.

I tried to go for a new look with Hope. I really wanted to give her a serious look with a strong jawline. Hope you guys like her!

10 Jun 2012


Her name is Faye which means Elf/Fairy. It is also French.
I really like the way she turned out!

This is her from 'Create a Sim'. In my game, the Sims tend to look way better in 'Create a Sim' than in live mode. So I thought I would share a photo from that perspective.
*Click on the Photo*

You can get her from the exchange.

8 Jun 2012


Here is my latest creation. Her name is Zara. Feel free to download her from the exchange.
I also finally uploaded 50 memories and got the leotard outfit. I find it very cute!

7 Jun 2012

What I Also Do...

I must admit that I belong to the procrastinator club. This video was too funny to not share. Take a look. :)


4 Jun 2012

My Sims Games

So today's blog is about all the Sims games I own. I'm not a crazy fanatic fan of the franchise, but I did love it as a little kid.

So to start off,

Simcity 2000

Too tell you the truth, I never really understood the game. I established the idea that you were to build a successful city, but I was a bit too young to actually know what it was about. There was just too many buttons for my little brain, so I sort of gave up on this one and never really went back to it. 

The Sims

Now this was my favourite game! (Oh the memories!) I loved creating Sims that would be successful and owned magnificent houses. My most favoured expansion pack was The Sims Superstar. No intention to brag but I was quite the master at reaching the top with a full 5 stars!! Then after reaching the best, I would start again. I owned all expansions except one, Makin' Magic. I did play it though at my friends so I didn't miss out.

The expansions I own

Good times..

The Sims 2

The expansion packs I own

I was very thankful that I owned these expansions. I've heard so many people say that their favourite Sims 2 expansions was Seasons and University. I agree as these two I favoured.

Urbz Sims In The City

This game never got old. I loved the idea behind it, yet still had the 'Sims' concept. The funny thing is though, after quite a while of owning this game, I just realized that the black eyed peas were in it! This just only made me want to play it more.

The Sims 3

I know lots of people say, 'Oh, Sims 2 is way better than Sims 3' but I have to disagree. The graphics in the game are amazing and I adore the open world. One thing I was so thankful for was story progression. In The Sims 2, I felt constricted to only having one child per generation otherwise handling so many families seemed too out of hand. But in Sims 3, I try to have as many kids as possible!

I have also played, The Sims on Console, Sims Bustin' Out and Simgolf.

2 Jun 2012

Hidden Springs

After being gifted Hidden Springs from a very generous Sim player, I thought I must as well share some in game pictures that I personally have taken. The world is gorgeous and I'm so thankful for it being given to me. 

An overview at the center of Hidden Springs
Sunset at the diner

City Hall with the mountain in the background. If you look closely, you can see the park next to the water fall. It looks like a brown square

One of the wooden 'cabin' like homes

The Spa, outside

Kids area at the Library. I find it so adorable

The diner


Military Base


Main Road

Seating outside City Hall

Oh gosh..

Highest park - view

Highest park - Fire Pit