21 Jun 2012


Good evening to my lovely readers, I have a new Sim out for you all. 

Usually, when I feel that need to create a Simmie, I already have a fair idea of what kind of Sim to create. I would basically give them a personality and then imagine how they would portray themselves. But today, I opened up CAS to be greeted by a pre-made Sim that I thought, 'hey, lets leave some of these features and see what I can come up with'. And out popped Decha (not to sound like giving birth..)

So anyway... here she is. xo

... Oh and by the way, thank you for 10,000 d/l on Kellie B! *wipes tear* I'm so proud. ;)

If you click on the download button, it leads to thesims3.com where my Sim is located. Click on the images and look at the athletic picture...  no seriously just look.

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