4 Jun 2012

My Sims Games

So today's blog is about all the Sims games I own. I'm not a crazy fanatic fan of the franchise, but I did love it as a little kid.

So to start off,

Simcity 2000

Too tell you the truth, I never really understood the game. I established the idea that you were to build a successful city, but I was a bit too young to actually know what it was about. There was just too many buttons for my little brain, so I sort of gave up on this one and never really went back to it. 

The Sims

Now this was my favourite game! (Oh the memories!) I loved creating Sims that would be successful and owned magnificent houses. My most favoured expansion pack was The Sims Superstar. No intention to brag but I was quite the master at reaching the top with a full 5 stars!! Then after reaching the best, I would start again. I owned all expansions except one, Makin' Magic. I did play it though at my friends so I didn't miss out.

The expansions I own

Good times..

The Sims 2

The expansion packs I own

I was very thankful that I owned these expansions. I've heard so many people say that their favourite Sims 2 expansions was Seasons and University. I agree as these two I favoured.

Urbz Sims In The City

This game never got old. I loved the idea behind it, yet still had the 'Sims' concept. The funny thing is though, after quite a while of owning this game, I just realized that the black eyed peas were in it! This just only made me want to play it more.

The Sims 3

I know lots of people say, 'Oh, Sims 2 is way better than Sims 3' but I have to disagree. The graphics in the game are amazing and I adore the open world. One thing I was so thankful for was story progression. In The Sims 2, I felt constricted to only having one child per generation otherwise handling so many families seemed too out of hand. But in Sims 3, I try to have as many kids as possible!

I have also played, The Sims on Console, Sims Bustin' Out and Simgolf.

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