31 Jul 2012


Today, I present to you Miriam, another female Simmie. The hairstyle I find very cute and thought it suited her her slightly rounded/chubby face. Hope you like her!

Have a wonderful day!

10 Jul 2012

Makayla + Cynthia

Another quick post to update on my latest creations, Makayla and Cynthia. You can find them under my "Sims Collection" to download.

8 Jul 2012

It's Working!

After much searching, I finally found the solution to fixing my Launcher. Now I am able to log in via launcher and upload my Simmies. :) Very happy right now. I've been wanting to upload Rosie for a while.

I also wanted to upload Jocelyn. She turned out to look too sweet! Hope you like her. You can find her in my studio as well as her Everyday outfit as a separate upload.

Click on the images for a better look

7 Jul 2012

Blog Layout

Just a quick post to say no you haven't landed on another blog, this is still Kasnii's Sims! Thought it was time for a new look that's all. :)

4 Jul 2012

Short Sims 3 Film

So without the launcher working and being my usual bored self, I randomly decided to create a short film using the Sims 3. I've seen lots of them on YouTube, and I consider them to be quite clever. Which I guess inspired me to make Vanilla Twilight. 

Sorry Germany but it's blocked in your country :(


1 Jul 2012

Darn Launcher..

So I have been gone from my game for a few days now and recently I decided I wanted to upload. But to my dismay, the launcher was determined to not connect to the website! This frustrates me as it's obviously the only way to upload to the exchange. But what can I do but wait a couple of days and see if it will fix itself.

Here is Rosie, my Sim I wanted to upload.