20 Dec 2012

Christmas & New Sim!

Golly gosh it has been a while, almost an entire month!

No school has left me very unmotivated to create Sims at the moment but I did manage to snag one in there today. Here name is Carina W and she was inspired by this gorgeous model I was looking at in a magazine. She had this very prominent, sharp chin as you can tell! My creations always turn out more unique if I have inspiration... Anyway she may be the last Sim of the year for me depending on how busy the Christmas holidays are for me! Which reminds me, who is excited for Xmas? I certainly am, a little more than I usually am. I'm off to see my Grandparents for the day to spend at the lake!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

26 Nov 2012

Finally time!

Bonjour everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday.

Since exams are now finished for me, (and school overall) I finally have time to just sit at my mac and upload again! It feels weird knowing I don't have anything really to do in the next few weeks till Christmas... which I am so excited for! 

Madaline A has been sitting in my Saved Sims for weeks waiting to be put on the exchange and I also created Tomeka while I was in CAS. 

11 Nov 2012

Ocean Swimming

Yay, we can finally swim in the ocean! I got my sims swimming straight away in Sunlit Tides and I love it, especially how you can get to the small islands surrounding the mainland. 

26 Oct 2012

Maritza C

Needed a break from all my intense school work so I decided to create a new Sim, Maritza.
I hope you like her! Download link is under the 'Sims' tab.

16 Oct 2012

Kirsten W

Hola! New Sim alert!
Meet Kirsten.

1 Oct 2012


I've always had this vision of a house I've wanted to create in the Sims 3, but never really had the skills and patience to build. But I really wanted to create it and so here it is. I think it turned out pretty close to my vision and I really like it. I has some troubles with my game crashing which slowed down the process of completing the landscape but I completed it in the end.

Hope you like it.

2 Story
 Master Bedroom, 1 Bedroom, 1 Nusery
3 Bathrooms
Open Kitchen
Pool, Spa
2 Door Garage

29 Sep 2012

Spirit 10x10 Lot Challenge

I've seen this done before, so I thought I would give it a try. Building a house on a 10x10 lot. It's actually not that bad, plus you don't have to worry about a garden. Only down side is having no room for a parking space. But there's always taxi's right?

2 Story
Master Bedroom
Kids Bedroom
2 Bathrooms
*Contains CC*


Dining Table

Front Door

25 Sep 2012

Enrique (Male Sim!)

Gah! A new male Sim. Very unpopular in my studio. I think this is my third one! *Hides in shame*. I like Enrique, especially is eyes! A Little Layered (his hair) is my most favourite male hair store item available. It was actually gifted to me and I am very thankful for it. :) I use it all the time.

17 Sep 2012


One new Simmie to add to my collection!
I just had to create a sim with this hair. It is gorgeous. First thing I thought of when I saw it was 'Taylor Swift!'

Note: I have updated my photography section with new in game photos.

14 Sep 2012


I decided for a change and went to build mode to begin building a home that was inspired by our family home. (Although some aspects have been vamped up a bit!) 
I'm in love with this house and I plan on moving my Sims into it as soon as I can. Anything with flourished plants, open landscapes and ponds puts me into 'adore' mode. The house was designed for Sunlit Tides.

Hope you like it.

Master Bedroom with En-suite
3 Kids Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Large Dining and Kitchen Area
Spa area
Long driveway, 2 Door Garage
*Designed to face the beach*

7 Sep 2012

Alexandria & Reisa

Two new sims! 
Reisa and Alexandria.

30 Aug 2012


It's been a while since my last upload..
I think I may have lost inspiration for a period, but I'm back! I do though, like having this longer gap between each Simmie  so I think I might stick to it.
Anyway, here is Devin. Random name I know. I couldn't be bothered thinking of one so I just hit the randomize button and this was the first name that came up! It's kind of boyish to me.

Here is her from CAS, as lots of people know, I think they look between in it.

28 Aug 2012

Sunlit Tides!

Oh my gosh, this town looked so gorgeous when I first saw the pictures. That crisp, turquoise water and light sand look made me cave in. Was too good to resist. The town in game is especially beautiful just watching the sunrise and set over the horizon. The layout of Sunlit Tides is different to the other purchasable towns though of course, as it surrounds a fair sized lagoon. I am still learning where the lots are located as, in my opinion, it is easy to get lost! No matter where you are, just remember you're on the circumference of the island.
 I can't wait for the release of Seasons to be able to swim in the ocean. This town, I consider, to be perfect for the most anticipated expansion; well at least for the Summer season.

9 Aug 2012


New Sim alert!
Meet Lacy, my sweetie pie who is too cute for anything!
I stuck with a colour palette consisting of my favourite pastel colours, purples and browns.
Hope you enjoy!

Download link under Sims Collection tab!

3 Aug 2012

Latonya and The Sims 3 Seasons!

Firstly, as nearly all of you know, 'The Sims 3 Seasons', is finally coming to our game! This was my favourite expansion of the Sims 2 and am pleased to see it for the Sims 3. I know a lot of people have been desperate for this to come out ever since the release of The Sims 3. At least now they will stop all their moaning and whining! The announcement trailer has been released on TheSims youtube channel, so go check it out if you haven't already.

And secondly, here is my newest addition to my Sims collection. Her name is Latonya and I am in love with her hairstyle... I'm a big fan of buns on Sims and myself!

Have an awesome day/evening! Also, be sure to check out my photography tab as I have updated it with some new photos.

2 Aug 2012


Here is my latest creation, Shante. I hope you all like her!

 Here is her from CAS

31 Jul 2012


Today, I present to you Miriam, another female Simmie. The hairstyle I find very cute and thought it suited her her slightly rounded/chubby face. Hope you like her!

Have a wonderful day!

10 Jul 2012

Makayla + Cynthia

Another quick post to update on my latest creations, Makayla and Cynthia. You can find them under my "Sims Collection" to download.

8 Jul 2012

It's Working!

After much searching, I finally found the solution to fixing my Launcher. Now I am able to log in via launcher and upload my Simmies. :) Very happy right now. I've been wanting to upload Rosie for a while.

I also wanted to upload Jocelyn. She turned out to look too sweet! Hope you like her. You can find her in my studio as well as her Everyday outfit as a separate upload.

Click on the images for a better look

7 Jul 2012

Blog Layout

Just a quick post to say no you haven't landed on another blog, this is still Kasnii's Sims! Thought it was time for a new look that's all. :)

4 Jul 2012

Short Sims 3 Film

So without the launcher working and being my usual bored self, I randomly decided to create a short film using the Sims 3. I've seen lots of them on YouTube, and I consider them to be quite clever. Which I guess inspired me to make Vanilla Twilight. 

Sorry Germany but it's blocked in your country :(


1 Jul 2012

Darn Launcher..

So I have been gone from my game for a few days now and recently I decided I wanted to upload. But to my dismay, the launcher was determined to not connect to the website! This frustrates me as it's obviously the only way to upload to the exchange. But what can I do but wait a couple of days and see if it will fix itself.

Here is Rosie, my Sim I wanted to upload.

21 Jun 2012


Good evening to my lovely readers, I have a new Sim out for you all. 

Usually, when I feel that need to create a Simmie, I already have a fair idea of what kind of Sim to create. I would basically give them a personality and then imagine how they would portray themselves. But today, I opened up CAS to be greeted by a pre-made Sim that I thought, 'hey, lets leave some of these features and see what I can come up with'. And out popped Decha (not to sound like giving birth..)

So anyway... here she is. xo

... Oh and by the way, thank you for 10,000 d/l on Kellie B! *wipes tear* I'm so proud. ;)

18 Jun 2012

So Close!

My most downloaded Sim from today is at 9999 downloads. Just 1 more till the big 10,000.