25 Sep 2012

Enrique (Male Sim!)

Gah! A new male Sim. Very unpopular in my studio. I think this is my third one! *Hides in shame*. I like Enrique, especially is eyes! A Little Layered (his hair) is my most favourite male hair store item available. It was actually gifted to me and I am very thankful for it. :) I use it all the time.


  1. Hey Kasnii!♥:)
    A boy! Great! I hardly great boy, too... or let's say I hardly upload. But your Enrique is awesome! And cute new design here =^.^=

  2. Thanks Luisa! I'm glad to add guys to my studio. I personally think I'm not too hot at creating them. They just aren't as easy as females with their features. Anyway nice to hear from you again! :) ♥