28 Aug 2012

Sunlit Tides!

Oh my gosh, this town looked so gorgeous when I first saw the pictures. That crisp, turquoise water and light sand look made me cave in. Was too good to resist. The town in game is especially beautiful just watching the sunrise and set over the horizon. The layout of Sunlit Tides is different to the other purchasable towns though of course, as it surrounds a fair sized lagoon. I am still learning where the lots are located as, in my opinion, it is easy to get lost! No matter where you are, just remember you're on the circumference of the island.
 I can't wait for the release of Seasons to be able to swim in the ocean. This town, I consider, to be perfect for the most anticipated expansion; well at least for the Summer season.


I must say though, like all worlds, Sunlit Tides is not your pocket money savior. If you do have the money and are willing to pay for it, I would say why not. The town sure didn't disappoint me and I presume this will my designated world for a while.

1 comment:

  1. Your pictures are WOW! The world looks incredible beautiful!! And nice new Design!!♥ But well i think the city is a bit too expensive for me, I think im going to buy seasons instead, I don't want to spend so much money just for sims.