23 Jan 2013

Simmers Block

It's been a while since I've been active on here and the Sims 3 website. I have recent Sims that haven't even been shared on my blog, lazy me. See this is one of the moments, like it says under my Sims 3 profile, where I just become distant from the game. I need motivation to create, but lately there's been nothing. Hopefully I'll grab some soon as I'm doing nothing at the moment. I have been trying to play around with TSRW but it became all complicated. That was only because I was able to get my old PC working. All my creations and play time are on a mac (for which I am typing this on) and for those who are mac users know that there are a lot things we miss out on. Apart from all the awesome apple programs ;) Anyway I had to restart my PC from scratch and was thrilled to be able to play Sims 2 and 1 again.. with the utter despair of no sound. Ugh. Okay so I've realized that this post has gotten pretty long so I'm just going to sum it up here, new Sims hopefully to come and maybe a new lot upload, (if the motivation is eager to kick start itself). My blog is going to get a clean up soon, I can never settle on things. I also really want to be able to create my own CC on my PC. I have so many ideas, but maybe too many for practicality.
Toodles for now. xx


  1. Good luck! I thinks it's fun to create CC:D I'm looking forward to seeing some nice creation of yours♥

  2. I have the same thing happen to me, only worse ... I need motivation to play the game itself, at times. Your CC and posts, and overall knowledge of the game often get me back into the game. I've noticed that you are motivated and very creative people, and it sounds like you wish to get your ideas out of your head and actually realized. What you can think of in an instance takes time to create. The detail and quality you put into your work tends to make me think you are patient, too.

    I hope you don't mind me saying this, but when your interest in creating CC is down, or is so "up" you're not enjoying it, put it aside - it will return. Also, land a job with EA as an artist and get paid for your talent! Best wishes and thank you for everything! John